Traefik 2.0

Traefik 2.0The Wait Is Over! When we started our journey toward 2.0, we had high expectations (since you had high expectations), and huddled around the whiteboard. We designed Version 2 as if there were no constraints: we forgot our codebase, put aside technical challenges, and developed a new configuration structure that would welcome everything we had ever dreamed of for Traefik. We forgot what was impossible so we could build it!
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Announcing TraefikEE v1.1

It’s been two months since the general availability of the 1.0 version of Traefik Enterprise Edition. Encouraged by its successful launch, and propelled by the immense feedback we received from customers, the team started to work on 1.1 right away. Traefik Enterprise Edition is a new platform built on top of Traefik, the popular open-source cloud-native edge router, designed for business-critical deployments. It adds clustering features to satisfy the needs of enterprise customers.
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Back to Traefik 2.0

Back in 2015, a revolution was under way. We were moving from manual, handcrafted infrastructures, to container-based, industrial, and human-free platforms. In those dark ages of orchestration, edge traffic was remarkably difficult to manage. On one side, we had traditional reverse-proxies that were built for static infrastructures, on the other side, we were building dynamic clusters made to deploy and manage thousands of microservices. The idea of having a simple and automatic edge router, all in one binary, was appealing, but also idealistic.
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