Cost Engineering at Spotify

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Cost Engineering at Spotify

Like many of those in tech, we invest heavily in our cloud and data infrastructure. While seemingly routine, the ability to manage and scale our infrastructure to support our 299+ million listeners worldwide, 24/7, without missing a beat (or syllable) is crucial for the business and our brand. On top of that, our infrastructure teams are resolute when it comes to upholding a highly valued cultural goal: enabling our autonomous engineering teams (called squads) to work as freely and quickly as they possibly can.

Finish that off with the fact that we’re a growing public company, and we’ve created a challenging problem for our cost engineering team. Managing costs in our unique situation is no easy feat, but that certainly doesn’t stop us from innovating on the process. We’re leaving behind the days of reducing costs via top-down requests and moving on to finding fun and rewarding ways engineers can strengthen technology while improving the company’s bottom line.

Our new Cost Insights product in explains cloud costs in a way our engineers can relate to and identifies optimizations that have resulted in some big wins for Spotify.