5 Monitoring tools every startup and MVP should check out

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As an entrepreneur and the CTO of a young startup, keeping a close eye on the product is at the top of my priorities. To keep improving the product, I’m always alert to new issues; and seeing those issues from different perspectives is key to resolving problems before users are affected. This is where monitoring comes in.

In this blog post, I will get you into my stack and share the list of monitoring tools I’m using on a daily basis. I will also talk about the value we’re getting from each tool. Our toolbox helps us meet our Quality, User Experience, and Sales goals.

In fact, every time Rookout has installed and implemented a new monitoring tool I came to the immediate realization: we should have added it sooner. It’s worth mentioning that most of the tools discussed here won’t set you back more than a $100 a month and won’t take too long to implement. They also work with most frameworks and languages.

You have an early MVP, congrats! Without some fundamental visibility, however, how do you know it’s really working the way you intended it to?

Monitoring tools can be immensely valuable during development, and they are also critical to the product’s success with your customers. Fortunately, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and fall prey to the NIH Syndrome. Today’s market is saturated with affordable monitoring options which do not require significant financial resources or developing efforts.

This means you can start using these tools from day one, getting actionable insights and implementing them to optimize your workflow and product.

Source: rookout.com