Ultimate Guide to Natural Language Processing Courses

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Ultimate Guide to Natural Language Processing Courses

Selecting an online course that will match your requirements is very frustrating if you have high standards. Most of them are not comprehensive and a lot of time spent on them is wasted. How would you feel, if someone would provide you a critical path and tell, what modules exactly and in which order will provide you comprehensive, expert-level knowledge?

Awesome. That is why I am going to help you with this guide to selecting a Natural Language Processing course, utilizing my 8 years of practical experience in Machine Learning. I’ve personally completed or skimmed over the 15 most popular courses.

In my rigorous review, I focus on the practical and business knowledge that they provide. This article was thought in the way that it will provide great value whether you are just starting your journey with NLP or thinking how to implement modern algorithms into your business model. Take a look at the Critical Path and pick modules that you are interested in the most.

Source: airev.us