Troubleshooting with Kiali

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Troubleshooting with Kiali

Recently I came across this excellent post from Cindy Sridharan, which throws a bunch of good ideas about how to improve the troubleshooting experience with microservices. I think that Kiali already has a good approach in that regard, which doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. Kiali is meant to be the Istio console.

This has been a constant focus of the development team since the beginning of the project. We try to show the best out of Istio telemetry, and to interact in various ways with the available Istio resources. However, Kiali also plays a role in troubleshooting, not just within the boundaries of the Istio mesh metrics, but also beyond.

We want to help developers and operators to detect any malfunctioning service and debug them. If we can help to correlate signals coming from Istio, to other signals coming from pods and workloads, we may want to do it.