MicroProfile, the microservice programming model made for Istio

MicroProfile is a fast-growing open community. It is a warm and friendly platform for developers to come together to evolve programming model for cloud-native microservices. Since it was established in June 2016, it has released 6 overall releases and 16 individual specification releases in less than 2 years. Thispage shows which application servers support MicroProfile at which version. Open Libertyis seenas one of the leading implementations of MicroProfile and determined to implement MicroProfile’s latest releases rapidly.
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Introspected REST: An Alternative to REST and GraphQL

In this manifesto, we will give a specific definition of what REST is, according to Roy, and see the majority of APIs and API specs (JSONAPI, HAL etc) fail to follow this model. We will see what problems a RESTful API brings and why API designers have been constantly avoiding using it but instead come up with half-way solutions or retreat to alternative models like RPC-over-HTTP or, lately, GraphQL. Then, we will propose a new model, Introspected REST, that solves the issues that REST creates and allows the design of progressively evolvable APIs, in a much simpler way than conventional REST.
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