AWS Lambda Deployment using Terraform

Recently a question got asked on Hacker News that grabbed my attention. I wanted to know how others’ experience has been. At ACL, we have multiple Lambda functions that we heavily rely on, and we use Terraform to deploy them. It’s been working well for us, so I was curious to know how others have approached Lambda. However, it seemed that others were struggling: In short, I was left wondering “why don’t people simply use Terraform?
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Go Serverless with AWS SAM

It’s been almost a year since support for the Go programming language in AWS Lambda was announced at re:Invent 2017. Meanwhile the Serverless hype train has gained full steam, FaaS offerings of all major cloud providers have reached a respectable level of maturity and an increasing amount of teams are building applications based on the model while figuring out how to best manage software consisting of a set of managed cloud resources and individually deployable functions.
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