A quick guide to GitLab CI/CD pipelines

Automation is essential for successful DevOps teams, and CI/CD pipelines are a big part of that journey. At its most basic level, a pipeline gets code from point A to point B. What makes a better pipeline is how quickly and efficiently it accomplishes this task. A CI/CD pipeline automates steps in the SDLC like builds, tests, and deployments. When a team takes advantage of automated pipelines, they simplify the handoff process and decrease the chance of human error, creating faster iterations and better quality code.
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GitLab 12.0 released with Visual Reviews and Dependency List

GitLab 12.0 marks a key step in our journey to create an inclusive approach to DevSecOps, empowering ‘everyone to contribute’. For the past year, we’ve been on an amazing journey, collaborating and creating a solution that brings teams together. There have been thousands of community contributions making GitLab more lovable. We believe everyone can contribute, and weâve enabled cross-team collaboration, faster delivery of great code, and bringing together Dev, Ops, and Security.
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Announcing GitLab Serverless

Serverless is the latest innovation in cloud computing that promises to alter the cost-benefit equation for enterprises. As our CEO, Sid Sijbrandij says, ‘All roads lead to compute.’ There is a race among providers to acquire as many workloads from enterprises as possible, at the cheapest cost. The latter is where serverless comes in: serverless computing is an execution model in which the cloud provider acts as the server, dynamically managing the allocation of machine resources.
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