First the E-Bike, Next the Flying Car

Carbon fiber composites areincredibly strong for their weight; that’s why they’re key to the newest aircraft designs. However, they’re only strong in one direction, so they’re generally layered or woven in grid patterns before being shaped into structures. That means one set of fibers carries the load some of the time, and another set carries it atother times—which is not the most efficient use of the material. In 2014, Hemant Bheda was CEO of Quantum Polymers, a company that makes extruded plastic rods, plates, and other shapes for machined parts.
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Re-Architecting the Video Gatekeeper

This is the story about how the Content Setup Engineering team used Hollow, a Netflix OSS technology, to re-architect and simplify an essential component in our content pipeline — delivering a large amount of business value in the process. Each movie and show on the Netflix service is carefully curated to ensure an optimal viewing experience. The team responsible for this curation is Title Operations. Title Operations will confirm, among other things: When a title meets all of the minimum above requirements, then it is allowed to go live on the service.
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Guide to scaling engineering organizations

Lessons learned from scaling Stripe’s engineering team. Source: