SuperGloo: The Service Mesh Orchestration Platform

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Today we are thrilled to announce the release of SuperGloo, an open-source project to manage and orchestrate service meshes at scale. SuperGloo is an opinionated abstraction layer that will simplify the installation, management, and operation of your service mesh, whether you use (or plan to use) a single mesh or multiple mesh technologies, on-site, in the cloud, or on any topology that best fits you. A service mesh is an infrastructure layer that handles service-to-service communication, freeing applications from being aware of the complex communication network.

The mesh provides advanced capabilities, including encryption, authentication and authorization, routing, monitoring and tracing. The adoption of service mesh in the cloud-native ecosystem is growing rapidly, with several exciting offerings. Among the leading service meshes are Istio, backed by Google, IBM, and Lyft; Linkerd and Linkerd2 (formerly Conduit), CNCF projects; and the new Connect feature of Hashicorp Consul.

Each of the different service mesh technologies has their own characteristics, strengths, and features. The complexity and disparity of the available service-mesh offerings make it hard to investigate and operate a single solution, let alone multiple ones. To make service-mesh adoption an easy and rewarding task, we at Solo developed SuperGloo.

SuperGloo is designed to address current and future challenges, from early stages of usage to complex super-meshes involving many instances on multiple clouds.