Architecture of Nautilus, the new Dropbox search engine

Search presents a unique challenge when it comes to Dropbox due to our massive scale—with hundreds of billions of pieces of content—and also due to the need for providing a personalized search experience to each of our 500M+ registered users. It’s personalized in multiple ways: not only does each user have access to a different […]

Rethinking Netflix’s Edge Load Balancing

We briefly touched on some of the load balancing improvements we’ve recently been making in our Open Sourcing Zuul 2 post. In this post, we’ll go into more detail on the whys, hows and results of that work. On the Netflix Cloud Gateway team we are always working to help systems reduce errors, gain higher […]

Using machine learning to index text from billions of images

The potential benefit of automatically recognizing text in images (including PDFs containing images) is tremendous. People have stored more than 20 billion image and PDF files in Dropbox. Of those files, 10-20% are photos of documents—like receipts and whiteboard images—as opposed to documents themselves. These are now candidates for automatic image text recognition. Similarly, 25% […]

Reboot Plugin for Linux in Ansible 2.7

New in Anisble 2.7 is a reboot action plugin for Linux. Long overdue, it’s finally easy to reboot Linux hosts with Ansible. This is the development story and all the details on how it works. Source: ansible

Dropbox traffic infrastructure: Edge network

In this post we will describe the Edge network part of Dropbox traffic infrastructure. This is an extended transcript of our NginxConf 2018 presentation. Around the same time last year we described low-level aspects of our infra in the Optimizing web servers for high throughput and low latency post. This time we’ll cover higher-level things […]