Engineering Uber’s Next-Gen Payments Platform

During a September 2018 meetup, Uber’s Payments Platform team discusses how this technology supports our company’s growth through an active-active architecture, exactly-once payment processing, and scalability across businesses. From ridesharing, food delivery, and new modalities to freight, healthcare, and business travel, our technology helps create billions of moments of human connection around the world. Building […]

How ShiftLeft Uses PostgreSQL Extension TimescaleDB

Time series are a major component of the ShiftLeft runtime experience. This is true for many other products and organizations too, but each case involves different characteristics and requirements. This post describes the requirements that we have to work with, how we useTimescaleDBto store and retrieve time series data, and the tooling we’ve developed to […]

A Look Back At KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Shanghai 2018

Now that we’ve finally caught our breath after a fantastic two days at the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in Shanghai, let’s dive into some of the key highlights and news. The best part is we get to see so many of you so soon again at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Seattle in December! The sold-out event with […]

Meet Hummingbird, Flutter’s web platform prototype

The Flutter team made some big announcements yesterday at Flutter Live. One is Flutter 1.0 & the other is Hummingbird, Flutter’s web platform prototype. The Flutter team made some big announcements yesterday at Flutter Live. One is, of course, the release of Flutter 1.0. But what really caught our eye was the announcement that the […]

Docker App and CNAB

Docker App is a new tool we spoke briefly about back at DockerCon US 2018. We’ve been working on docker-app to make container applications simpler to share and easier to manage across different teams and between different environments, and we open sourced it so you can already download Docker App from GitHub at In […]

How Airbnb is Moving 10x Faster at Scale with GraphQL and Apollo

How Airbnb is Moving 10x Faster at Scale with GraphQL andApolloDemystifying My GraphQL SummitTalkAdam NearyBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingDec 4I had the opportunity to kick off GraphQL Summit last month with a talk that involved quite a bit of live coding (the Keynote intro ends at minute 6:00 if you’re in a hurry!). Check it out: From the feedback […]

Presentation: From Winning the Microservice War to Keeping the Peace

Andrew McVeigh explains how transitioning to a microservice architecture went for a top-tier video service & also a major games studio. Operating and evolving such significant systems reveals a number of challenges: monitoring and root cause analysis, cascading failures and scaling for major events are just some. McVeigh discusses how to avoid common pitfalls when […]

Introducing Patroni as the Postgres Failover Manager on

We are writing this post to let our community know we are planning on performing the work necessary to deploy Patroni as the Postgres Failover Manager on over two weekends: a dry-run to test our migration plan and tools on Saturday, Dec 8, 2018, and the actual deployment on Saturday, December 15, 2018. Source: […]