Engineering Uber’s Next-Gen Payments Platform

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During a September 2018 meetup, Uber’s Payments Platform team discusses how this technology supports our company’s growth through an active-active architecture, exactly-once payment processing, and scalability across businesses. From ridesharing, food delivery, and new modalities to freight, healthcare, and business travel, our technology helps create billions of moments of human connection around the world. Building a reliable, scalable, and flexible payment processing system is critical to making these moments possible.

Last year, we launched our next-generation payments platform with the goal of creating a solid foundation that can support the speed and scale of our company’s growth. To meet this need, our primary design goals were high reliability through an active-active architecture, exactly-once payment processing by the means of idempotency and strong consistency, auditability via double-entry bookkeeping, and the ability to scale our platform to new business lines, payment types, and geographies. In September 2018, our Payments Platform Engineering team met in San Francisco to offer insight into how we approached building and scaling our payments platform, tackling engineering challenges efficiently while ensuring a seamless payment experience for the millions of people who rely on our platform daily.

For the keynote of our September 2018 Payments Platform meetup, engineering manager Mathieu Chauvin introduces our Payments Platform team and discusses its foundational role in the growth of our business.