Announcing Service Mesh Interface (SMI) Support and Collaboration

Today we announced that is a launch partner of the Service Mesh Interface (SMI) specification in collaboration with Microsoft, Bouyant and Hashicorp with support across the cloud-native ecosystem. As part of today’s announcement, the SuperGloo project and The Service Mesh Hub are the first reference implementations of SMI available today. The Service Mesh Interface […]

Guidance for Building a Control Plane for Envoy Part 5: Deployment Tradeoffs

Once you’ve built and designed your control plane and its various supporting components, you’ll want to decide exactly how its components get deployed. You’ll want to weight various security, scalability, and usability concerns when settling into what’s best for your implementation. The options vary from co-deploying control plane components with the data plane to completely […]

Kubernetes Ingress Past, Present, and Future

This post was inspired by listening to the February 19, 2019, Kubernetes Podcast, “Ingress, with Tim Hockin.” The Kubernetes Podcast is turning out to be a very well done podcast overall, and well worth the listen. In the Ingress episode, the podcasters interview Tim Hockin who’s one of the original Kubernetes co-founders, a team lead […]

Using Gloo as an ingress gateway with Istio and mTLS (updated for Istio 1.1!)

Istio is a popular open-source service mesh with powerful service-to-service capabilities such as request-routing control, metric collection, distributed tracing, security, et. al. Istio also ships with an ingress-gateway component that makes it easy to get traffic into your service mesh. The Istio ingress gateway allows you to control what protocols, security requirements, and ports get […]

Knative and Gloo

Knative is talked about a great deal, especially around how its capabilities can help provide more standard building blocks on top of Kubernetes for building microservices and serverless like services, e.g., scale to zero, and scale on demand. Knative high level has three capability areas: building, serving, and eventing. This post will provide some examples […]