Kublr 1.11: All the automation you can handle with enhanced Kubernetes deployment

We come to you with a new Kublr release that brings more automation control for Kubernetes deployment and in multiple environments. Kublr 1.11 is here and we are about to take a closer look at all the new and shiny features. Kublris a Kubernetes ally that delivers an open, easy-to-use, enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform that’s not […]

Nurture what you create: How Google Cloud supports Kubernetes and the cloud-native ecosystem

Usually, when you’re a leader in an open-source community like Kubernetes and there’s a big event (like this week’s KubeCon North America), that means launching a brand new project. Launches are exciting, but maintaining a successful project like Kubernetes requires sustained investment and maintenance. We find that what really distinguishes a successful open-source project is […]

Building Services at Airbnb Part 3

In the third post of our series on scaling service development, we dive into resilience engineering practices built into the standard service platform that powers the new Services Oriented Architecture atAirbnb. Airbnb is moving its infrastructure towards a Service Oriented Architecture. A reliable, performant, and developer-friendly polyglot service platform is an underpinning component in Airbnb’s […]

Introducing Docker Desktop Enterprise

Nearly 1.4 million developers use Docker Desktop every single day because it is the simplest and easiest way for container-based development. Docker Desktop provides the Docker Engine with Swarm and Kubernetes orchestrators right on the desktop, all from a single install. While this is great for an individual user, in enterprise environments administrators often want […]