Matplotlib—Making data visualization interesting

Data visualization is a key step to understand the dataset and draw inferences from it. While one can always closely inspect the data row by row, cell by cell, it’s often a tedious task and does not highlight the big picture. Visuals on the other hand, define data in a form that is easy to […]

Druid @ Airbnb Data Platform

Airbnb serves millions of guests and hosts in our community. Every second, their activities on, such as searching, booking, and messaging, generate a huge amount of data we anonymize and use to improve the community’s experience on our platform. The Data Platform Team at Airbnb strives to leverage this data to improve our customers’ […]

Scaling Time Series Data Storage—Part II

In January 2016 Netflix expanded worldwide, opening service to 130 additional countries and supporting 20 total languages. Later in 2016 the TV experience evolved to include video previews during the browsing experience. More members, more languages, and more video playbacks stretched the times series data storage architecture from part 1 close to its breaking point. […]