Scaling Driver Compliance across Lyft

A passenger opens the app, requests a ride, and just a few minutes later there is a car with a friendly driver in front of them. They may know this driver went through a background check and other vetting; however, many might not realize all the complexity in the on-boarding process. Driver and vehicle requirements […]

How Spotify Aligned CDN Services for a Lightning Fast Streaming Experience

Spotify built its business on flawless content delivery. Our streaming platform serves up more than 50 million tracks (plus an array of images and other assets) to more than 230 million monthly active users around the world — making us one of the world’s leading streaming services. With content that feels instant and immersive, we […]

Taming ElastiCache with Auto-discovery at Scale

Our backend infrastructure at Tinder relies on Redis-based caching to fulfill the requests generated by more than 2 billion uses of the Swipe® feature per day and hosts more than 30 billion matches to 190 countries globally. Most of our data operations are reads, which motivates the general data flow architecture of our backend microservices. […]

Library of Congress Storage Architecture

In 2026 is there demand for 7X more manufactured storage annually and is there sufficient value for this storage to spend $122B more annually (2.4X) for this storage? Unlike HDD, tape magnetic physics is not the limiting issues since tape bit cells are 60X larger than HDD bit cells … The projected tape areal density […]

How we 30x’d our Node parallelism

What’s the best way to safely increase parallelism in a production Node service? That’s a question my team needed to answer a couple of months ago. We were running 4,000 Node containers (or ‘workers’) for our bank integration service. The service was originally designed such that each worker would process only a single request at […]

Making the LinkedIn experimentation engine 20x faster

At LinkedIn, we like to say that experimentation is in our blood because no production release at the company happens without experimentation; by “experimentation,” we typically mean “A/B testing.” The company relies on employees to make decisions by analyzing data. Experimentation is a data-driven foundation of the decision-making process, which helps with measuring the precise […]

Lyft’s Journey through Mobile Networking

In 5 years, the number of endpoints consumed by Lyft’s mobile apps grew to over 500, and the size of our mobile engineering team increased by more than 15x. To scale with this growth, our infrastructure had to evolve dramatically to utilize new advances in modern networking in order to continue to provide benefits for […]

Database Migration To Amazon Aurora

In this blog post we’ll show you how we migrated a critical Postgres database with 18Tb of data from Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) to Amazon Aurora, with minimal downtime. To do so, we’ll discuss our experience at Codacy. We chose Amazon’sAuroradatabase as a solution for a few key reasons including: 1) automatic storage growth […]