90 days of AWS EKS in Production

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I’ve been using EKS in production for a small number of months now and so far, so good. Really impressed by the simplicity of getting a cluster up and running and ready for workloads. AWS provide a greatGetting Started Guideon their website, which is super duper for getting your head around the components and glue required for getting EKS stood up.

EKS is a very vanilla service, giving users a cluster that conforms to CNCF standards,which Kubernetes purists will be very happy with, however, don’t think that because AWS provides Kubernetes as a service, you no longer have to worry about getting your nodes optimised and ready for your heavy workloads. You should consider an EKS worker node to be the same as a standard, out of the box, EC2 node. If you commonly make optimisations or do hardening, or install software that your company requires for their standards, you should still do all that on EKS.

Fortunately, AWS provides the means to do that in a very straightforward way. AMIs provided by AWS for standing up your EKS workers, contain a bootstrap file at /etc/eks/bootstrap.sh, which is called from UserDatawhen you boot a node. You can edit arguments passed to this script in your launch-configuration.

Source: kubedex.com