MIT CSAIL TextFooler Framework Tricks Leading NLP Systems

A team of researchers at the MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) recently released a framework called TextFooler which successfully tricked state-of-the-art NLP models (such as BERT) into making incorrect predictions. Source: infoq

Multi-Runtime Microservices Architecture

Best practices have emerged around “microservice” architecture and “12-factor app” design. As cloud, containers, and container orchestrators (.g. Kubernetes) have become popular, new solutions to address common integration principles have emerged. This article discusses the approach of using ‘mecha’ components to provide enterprise integration pattern functionality for microservices. Source: infoq

How We Improved Data Discovery for Data Scientists at Spotify

At Spotify, we believe strongly in data-informed decision making. Whether we’re considering a big shift in our product strategy or we’re making a relatively quick decision about which track to add to one of our editorially-programmed playlists, data provides a foundation for sound decision making. An insight is a conclusion drawn from data that can […]

How to ignore files in Git without .gitignore

Git has a handy feature when it comes to preventing accidental file check-ins when the files are meant to stay local. The obvious candidates are compiled binaries when you only want to check in the source code. Other candidates are files with local configurations. One can put all of those files and paths into a […]

Scaling Driver Compliance across Lyft

A passenger opens the app, requests a ride, and just a few minutes later there is a car with a friendly driver in front of them. They may know this driver went through a background check and other vetting; however, many might not realize all the complexity in the on-boarding process. Driver and vehicle requirements […]

How Spotify Aligned CDN Services for a Lightning Fast Streaming Experience

Spotify built its business on flawless content delivery. Our streaming platform serves up more than 50 million tracks (plus an array of images and other assets) to more than 230 million monthly active users around the world — making us one of the world’s leading streaming services. With content that feels instant and immersive, we […]

Is Google cooling on open-source foundations?

Thomas Kurian runs cloud computing at Google, which appears to be rethinking open-source foundations. Google has been one of big tech’s biggest supporters of open-source software. But customers, partners and members of the open-source community say the company is shifting its priorities. Consider the case of the open-source project Istio, whose future was thrown into […]

Scaling to Billions of Requests

Over the years at Capital One, the Spark framework evolved into the technology of choice for high volume real-time streaming and batch needs. After noticing some pains that come with operating the Spark infrastructure, the team decided to find a simpler, low maintenance yet highly scalable pattern and designed a Serverless Streaming solution around it: […]