2020 Cloud Report

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2020 Cloud Report

Read the 2020 Cloud Report from Cockroach Labs, and learn which cloud platform performs best for transactional workloads across TPC-C, Network Throughput, CPU, and Storage benchmarks. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our three years of benchmarking cloud providers on transactional workloads, it’s this: the results change often. Last year’s report showed AWS dramatically outperforming GCP across TPC-C performance, CPU, Network, and even cost.

The 2020 Cloud Report shows GCP caught up to AWS’s performance and offers the best price per performance for transactional workloads, and that new-to-the-report Azure is broadly competitive with both GCP and AWS. In the 2020 Cloud Report, we’ve expanded our research by: TL;DR? Conventional wisdom is that hardware performance is plateauing.

Our findings in the 2020 Cloud Report suggest that this simply isn’t true for cloud performance. Download the full report for insights gleaned from running over 1,000 benchmark tests.

Source: cockroachlabs.com