Kubernetes Garbage Collection

The term “garbage collection” often refers to a memory management technique in computer programs where a garbage collector reclaims memory from objects that have gone out of scope or are no longer used. Interestingly, there is a garbage collector in Kubernetes which helps cleaning up Kubernetes objects that have gone out of scope. Source: medium

The Biggest IT Failures of 2018

This year provedonce againthat IT-related failures “are universally unprejudiced: they happen in every country; to large companies and small; in commercial, nonprofit, and governmental organizations; and without regard to status or reputation.” Below is a review that just scratches the surface of the sundry failures, glitches, and other IT hiccups that made the news in […]

The Kubernetes Scheduler

Kubernetes is a Container Orchestration Engine designed to host containerized applications on a set of nodes, commonly referred to as a cluster. Using a systems modeling approach, this series aims to advance the understanding of Kubernetes and its underlying concepts. The Kubernetes Scheduler is a core component of Kubernetes: After a user or a controller […]

AWS Outperforms GCP in the 2018 Cloud Report

Customers rely on us to help navigate the complexities of the increasingly competitive cloud wars. This inspired the 2018 Cloud Computing Report, where we benchmark performance, latency, CPU, network, I/O, and cost of AWS and GCP. Note: As of December 20, 2018, we have updated two sections in this report: Network Throughput and I/O Experiment. […]

Envoy Proxy at Reddit

Reddit’s engineering team and product complexity has seen significant growth over the last three years. Facilitating that growth has taken a lot of behind-the-scenes evolution of Reddit’s backend infrastructure. One major component has been adopting a service-oriented architecture, and a significant facet of that has been evolving service-to-service discovery and communication. As the number of […]

8 emerging trends in container orchestration

Containerization is now officially mainstream. A quarter of Datadog’s total customer base has adopted Docker and other container technologies, and half of the companies with more than 1,000 hosts have done so. As containers take a more prominent place in the infrastructure landscape, we see our customers adding automation and orchestration to help manage their […]

What Kagglers are using for Text Classification

With the problem of Image Classification is more or less solved by Deep learning, Text Classification is the next new developing theme in deep learning. For those who don’t know, Text classification is a common task in natural language processing, which transforms a sequence of text of indefinite length into a category of text. How […]

Thanos: long-term storage for your Prometheus Metrics

Thanos is a project that turns your Prometheus installation into a highly available metric system with unlimited storage capacity. From a very high-level view, it does this by deploying a sidecar to Prometheus, which uploads the data blocks to any object storage. A store component downloads the blocks again and makes them accessible to a […]