Monitor AWS App Mesh and Envoy with Datadog

Envoy proxies communication among microservices. It is a key component in many service-oriented architecturesâand one that offers a unique opportunity to gain visibility into your service mesh. We’re pleased to announce that Datadog integrates with Envoy as well as AWS App Mesh, a new hosted service based on Envoy that dynamically configures your service mesh […]

5 Monitoring tools every startup and MVP should check out

As an entrepreneur and the CTO of a young startup, keeping a close eye on the product is at the top of my priorities. To keep improving the product, I’m always alert to new issues; and seeing those issues from different perspectives is key to resolving problems before users are affected. This is where monitoring […]

The taming of microservices

The cost of managing microservices and the dependencies between them increase exponentially as their numbers rise. But things don’t have to be complicated. By making it easier than ever to add powerful new microservices, Kubernetes has become a driving force behind companies breaking up monolith apps and transforming them into microservice architectures. But as their […]

Amazon is coming to company data centers, and that should scare Cisco, HPE and Dell

Amazon Web Services will offer AWS-branded servers that will work with existing cloud services.AWS is taking on traditional hardware vendors with its on-premises service. Amazon Web Services will offer AWS-branded servers that will work with existing cloud services. AWS is taking on traditional hardware vendors with its on-premises service. Amazon cloud chief Andy Jassy said […]

How Uber’s New Driver App Overcomes Network Lag

This article is the third in a series covering how Uber’s mobile engineering team developed the newest version of our driver app, codenamed Carbon, a core component of our ridesharing business. Among other new features, the app lets our population of over three million driver-partners find fares, get directions, and track their earnings. We began […]

Cloud Native Computing Foundation Announces Envoy Graduation

Originally created at Lyft, Envoy is a high-performance open source edge, middle, and service proxy. The project helps ease the transition to, and operation of, cloud native architectures by managing the interactions among microservices in order to ensure application performance. Envoy’s out-of-process architecture can be used with any application, in any language or runtime; supported […]

Matplotlib—Making data visualization interesting

Data visualization is a key step to understand the dataset and draw inferences from it. While one can always closely inspect the data row by row, cell by cell, it’s often a tedious task and does not highlight the big picture. Visuals on the other hand, define data in a form that is easy to […]

Easy-To-Read Summary of Important AI Research Papers of 2018

Trying to keep up with AI research papers can feel like an exercise in futility given how quickly the industry moves. If you’re buried in papers to read that you haven’t quite gotten around to, you’re in luck. To help you catch up, we’ve summarized 10 important AI research papers from 2018 to give you […]

Amazon makes its machine learning courses available for free

Amazon announced today that it’s making its range of machine learning courses available to all developers signed up to its AWS platform for free. This program was previously available only to Amazon employees, but anyone can now take advantage of it at no charge by signing up to Amazon Web Services’ free plan. It includes […]

Sentiment Analysis: What’s with the Tone?

Sentiment analysis is widely applied in voice of the customer (VOC) applications. In this article, authors discuss NLP-based Sentiment Analysis based on machine learning (ML) and lexicon-based approaches using KNIME data analysis tools. Source: infoq