Kubernetes deployment strategies

In Kubernetes there are a few different ways to release an application, it is necessary to choose the right strategy to make your infrastructure reliable during an application update. Let’s take a look at each strategy and see what type of application would fit best for it. Source: container-solutions

October 21 GitHub post-incident analysis

Last week, GitHub experienced an incident that resulted in degraded service for 24 hours and 11 minutes. While portions of our platform were not affected by this incident, multiple internal systems were affected which resulted in our displaying of information that was out of date and inconsistent. Ultimately, no user data was lost; however manual […]

New Theory of Intelligence May Disrupt AI and Neuroscience

Recent advancement in artificial intelligence, namely in deep learning, has borrowed concepts from the human brain. The architecture of most deep learning models is based on layers of processing– an artificial neural network that is inspired by the neurons of the biological brain. Yet neuroscientists do not agree on exactly what intelligence is, and how […]

Why React’s new Hooks API is a game changer

I have been developing with React since it’s early days and during that time there have been many attempts by both influencers, as well as the core team to improve the API and patterns developers are using to creating software. One of the biggest challenges we have had was how to share behaviour neatly between […]

From React Native to Flutter

Reflectly—From React Native toFlutterWhy we moved 500.000+ users toFlutterThe EarlyDaysReflectly was built using React Native in the summer of 2017. At the time React Native was a relatively new and exciting technology. It promised high productivity and cross-platform mobile development with familiar web technologies. Our team had a strong background in web technology and therefore […]

AWS On-Demand Capacity Reservation

AWS EC2 On-demand capacity reservation is another new feature has been announced recently. This feature mainly focusing the customers who want to use a specific instance type on a particular availability zone for a long or short period. We just tried it and wanted to explain about how to use this properly. If you are […]

An end to end implementation of a Machine Learning pipeline

As a researcher on Computer Vision, I come across new blogs and tutorials on ML (Machine Learning) every day. However, most of them are just focussing on introducing the syntax and the terminology relevant to the field. For example – a 15 minute tutorial on Tensorflow using MNIST dataset, or a 10 minute intro to […]

What’s the Best Deep Learning Framework?

Deep learning models are large and complex, so instead of writing out every function from the ground up, programmers rely on frameworks and software libraries to build neural networks efficiently. The top deep learning frameworks provide highly optimized, GPU-enabled code that are specific to deep neural network computations. Source: nvidia

Curiosity and Procrastination in Reinforcement Learning

Episodic Curiosity through Reachability: Observations are added to memory, reward is computed based on how far the current observation is from the most similar observation in memory. The agent receives more reward for seeing observations which are not yet represented in memory. Source: googleblog


Running serverless applications on Kubernetes is quite new. Most of the options available are still under major development. You can find the ever growing number of FaaS platforms that run on top of Kubernetes in our FaaS category. At lot of the value proposition people are seeing from using AWS Lambda, to quickly string together […]